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I started a new serial called "Hackneys" at Kindle Vella in November. I wanted to try Kindle Vella as it advertised itself as a new serial fiction publisher.

Unfortunately, it turns out that Kindle Vella is only available in the United States. This fact is not written anywhere in any information. In fact, I spent an hour with a customer service representative who finally had to speak with the technical team to finally determine that Kindle Vella is only available in the US.

We'd originally planned to share Hackneys here to people who had accounts for more than one serial.

Right now, because of this mess, we're going to share, at the very minimum, the first three chapters here for everyone.

Chapter One is here.

Chapter Two (part one) – The regular

Chapter Two (part two) - The regular

Chapter Three (part one) - Social Salad

Chapter Three (part two) - Social Salad.