The Denver Cereal continues...
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The Denver Cereal continues...

Denver Cereal continues at Serial Fiction Online!
The Denver Cereal continues...

Serial Fiction Online is the current home to new and evolving Denver Cereal.

What is Denver Cereal?

Denver Cereal is a serial fiction that has run continuously from June 2008 until March 2020. After a six month break, Denver Cereal returned with a bang carrying the story through Covid lock downs. It went on a break in November 2022 to sort out what was going to happen next.

There are 22 (so far) Denver Cereal novels. The novels are being shared on Medium. You can read them here. They post 3 chapters a week and started with Denver Cereal Volume 1. All of the books are available everywhere you purchase books.

People who read Denver Cereal every day, and weekly, want to continue reading. This website is for you. With a low monthly subscription, you will receive a chapter a week, every week. You get discounts on books as well as other gifts through out the year.

Once a quarter, we will share with everyone an update/review of what's happened as told by our friend Delphie.

The books will continue to roll out. In 2022, we're hoping to add hardcover books to our paperback and eBooks. We're also in the process of discussing creating audiobooks of the series.

As always in Denver Cereal, there's a lot happening. We hope that you'll be able to join us.