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This is the home of Cook Street Publishing's Serial Fiction
and Claudia Hall Christian's serial fictions.

What happens on this site?

This is the website for new serial fictions as well as new content in older serial fictions. For example, new content in Denver Cereal will be available by subscription here; the Denver Cereal books are currently being posted, 3 chapters a week, at Medium.

Claudia is currently working on a new serial called "Hackneys," which will be exclusively available to subscribers here at Serial Fiction Online.

If things go well, Cook Street Publishing will begin to publish other authors' serial fiction here. If you're an interest author, check back with us in 2023. You may also email us at cookstreetpublishing at gmail.com. We'll keep your name and email to let you know when our submissions are open.


Full access to the site, and all of the fiction published here, is currently available at $60/month.

If you need to change your financial information go here.

Content will go out via email from SFO at cookstreetpublishing.com. Please put this email address into your "Primary" Tab (Gmail) or "Focused" (Outlook) or your non-junk directory.